Q+A with T+M

How did you meet?

M: It was on December 7th 2008, in St Andrews. I suffered a head trauma and went to a party where I fell for Trudy.

T: That's mostly true. I hosted a party with my flatmate and Michael turned up with a black eye. It was a conversation starter.

What brought you both to St Andrews?

M: We were both graduate students at the University of St Andrews. I was getting my Masters in philosophy and Trudy was a PhD student in international relations.

Where do you live now?

T: After Summer 2009 we moved together to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, where Michael was starting a PhD programme in philosophy. I have since moved to Tokyo, Japan.

M: I spent a year in Tokyo with Trudy but now I'm back in Pittsburgh.

Where did you each grow up?

M: I grew up in Austin, Texas.

T: I'm from a town in the Northeast of Scotland called Peterhead.

Where will you both live after the wedding?

M+T: We are not sure yet, but we are determined to be together in the same city!

Who proposed? How?

M: I proposed. After a lovely evening walk in our neighbourhood in Pittsburgh we returned to our home, the perfect setting for me to ask Trudy to marry me.

T: That's only true if "lovely evening walk" = hurried dash home after gunfire erupted and police choppers started hovering overhead. I blame the adrenaline.

What are you most looking forward to about the wedding?

M: Seeing all my American family and friends in kilts.

T: Getting married to Michael, and having our friends and family from all over the world meet each other.

M: Oh... and getting married to Trudy!

Luang Prabang, Laos.

Luang Prabang, Laos.

Pittsburgh, USA