The Bride's Posse

Fiona May Matron of Honour No. 1, a.k.a. Chief; Fiona is Trudy's long suffering little sister. Long suffering because it can't be easy spending your childhood playing Trudy's 'cleaning' games and being convinced that a plastic bag held over your head whilst you jump off the garage roof will act 'exactly the same' as a parachute (it didn't). However, Fiona withstood the trials of little-sisterhood and is now a dear friend and confidante. Fiona is a photographer and lives in Inverallochy, Scotland, with her husband James (who is a very, very awesome brother-in-law).

Cecelia Lynch Matron of Honour, No. 2; Cecelia has been one of Trudy's closest friends since they were five years old (the founding friendship myth recalls how Cecelia and Trudy were the only two not crying when their mothers left them alone at school for the first time and their eyes met in mutual disdain for their weeping peers). Cecelia and Trudy were never far away from each other growing up and Cecelia is a true life-long friend. Cecelia lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, with her husband Craig and their daughter Eden. (P.s. If you want to see Cecelia get angry, just mention how Liam is still better than Noel.)

Deborah Barkworth Bridesmaid; Debbie and Trudy became friends at the University of Aberdeen where they were both members of any sports team that focused more on after-practice socialising than it did on athletic endeavour. That being said, their shared athlecticisms took them to the high seas of West Wittering as summer lifeguards where they survived the cold English summer by relentlessly humming the Baywatch theme song and mucking about on the jet skis. Debbie lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she is an occupational therapist.

Camila Henriques Bridesmaid; Camila and Trudy became friends when they both worked student jobs at the University Sports Centre in Aberdeen and discovered many shared interests including (but not limited to): surf rescue, pognophobia, rescucitating whales (ask about the time they dashed through the streets of Aberdeen in the Marine Mammal Ambulance...), and avoiding anything that Trudy 'cooked' in the kitchen. Camila is originally from Portugal, but now lives in Houston, Texas, with her husband Tim, and their dogs Romeu and Julieta.

Helen Murdoch Bridesmaid; Helen was Trudy's long-suffering University flatmate. Long suffering because it can't be easy spending your university days playing Trudy's 'cleaning' games and having your milk stolen from the fridge (but luckily for Helen the plastic bag / garage roof conundrum had already been laid to rest--thanks Fiona!) Helen and Trudy remain close friends and Helen is now a biology teacher at Aberdeen Grammar School. Helen lives in Aberdeen, Scotland, with her partner Stuart.

Shona Rainy Brown Bridesmaid; Shona and Trudy met at the beach. Shona is so cool that Trudy was convinced to buy a wetsuit and hit the North Sea waves with her and they have been firm friends ever since. Shona is a nurse and lives in Kintore, Scotland, with her husband Sandy, their daughter Lexie, and their son Murray. (P.s. if this wedding were a University Ball, rest assured that Shona and Camila would find a way to sneak in without a ticket and would likely end up in their ballgowns on the beach.)

Jenni Fraser Flowergirl; Jenni is the most adorable, beautiful niece in the entire world. She will only be (newly) one year old at the time of the wedding so she might be a bit wobbly on her way down the aisle! Jenni will be accompanied her lovely mum, Bin Mao, who is also my wonderful sister-in-law. Be sure to get your picture with wee Jenni-- that girl's gonna rule the world one day.

All the Groom's Men

Elijah Hutchinson Best Man; Elijah and Michael met in college, lo some many nights ago. Michael is honored to have spent time with Elijah on the most number of continents out of all of his friends (North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia at last count). In those travels, the two have visited the Paris sewer system, driven through the bad parts of Dallas, and been photographed with Japanese Schoolgirls in Kyoto (well, that last was just Elijah). Elijah lives in Brooklyn and works as a project manager for the NYCEDC.

Robert Heidrick Groomsman; Robert and Michael were inseparable in middle and high school. Their adventures included driving from Austin to Philadelphia and back as 16 year olds, driving a beloved Jeep Cherokee into the ground during a scavenger hunt, and enjoying a rousing lecture on driving safety while picking up pizza. Come to think of it, there was a lot of driving. Robert current works as a writer for the McCombs School of Business in Austin and is the proprietor of

Michael Hoffman Groomsman;  Michael and Michael met their sophomore year in college, but it is surprising that it took that long, for they are in many ways the same person. Michael H. concentrated in Philosophy, went to Pitt as a graduate student, and then left to go work in NYC at a start up. The trend continues. Michael H. currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife China and newly born daughter Mirabelle.

Michael Iafe Groomsman; Mike and Mike were roommates Freshman year in Thayer 110. From the initial purchase of second-hand furniture and bulk food from Costco, it was clear they were going to get along. That bond was cemented after taking a hellish bus ride to NYC for a wedding. Mike and Mike had the good fortune of being both placed in Leverett house, where they lived for 3 years. Mike currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Heidi and two dogs. 

Bryant Kirk Groomsman; Bryant is the brother of the groom and thereby the person who has known him the longest. A strong memory that persists from when Michael was a little child was Bryant and Ed (their older brother) teaching him to play hockey left handed, since there would always be room for a left wing on any team. Bryant currently lives in Massachusetts and works in petroleum distribution.

Trey Pool Groomsman; Trey and Michael's friendship was forged in the crucible of 6th grade geography, where group reports turned into movie presentations filmed out in the hinterlands of Dripping Springs. From their first conversation about serial killers with Trey's Dad to driving cross-country multiple times to help Trey move, to running out of gas in LA, Trey has always brought an element of chaos and unpredictability to Michael's life. He currently works as a creative executive in Los Angeles.